Map Facility project

In progress

An internal tool for employees to navigate and report hazardous areas by uploading pictures and notifying building supervisors.
This will help keep the facility tidy and safe by raising awareness to the site owners.

The problem

Usually big sized facility employees don’t often comply with the health and safety measures, this was the same case with UKAEA. Common things such as leaving cables on the floor where people pass by or ongoing work at fusion reactor without someone getting notified, there is a high chance of an accident.

UX/UI Time

Upload picture functionality

Employees have the ability to upload pictures that they think are hazardous by selecting building id from the front end attaching the image. An approver will be notified and evaluate the image to add an environmental rating. On to the next step, the building owner will be notified of the bad rating and rating value will only be changed until someone with authority provide an after picture showing that the problem is cleaned/fixed. Every picture uploaded will create a unique page for the related issue with a number in order to be easily searchable.

Brainstorming layout ideas

Inside of every issue reported – layout ideas

Every issue has its own page where visitors can view detailed information about the process of before and after of that particular issue.